Netzahualcóyotl Arroyo, Ph.D. (Netz Arroyo) is an analytical chemist working in the field of in vivo biosensing. He currently works as a postdoctoral scholar fellow in the Department of Chemistry of the University of California Santa Barbara. His graduate research work focused on the development of novel chemistries for redox flow batteries, a type of stationary, grid-scale energy storing technology. His current postdoctoral research focuses on the development of electrochemical, aptamer-based biosensors for the continuous, real-time measurement of specific molecules directly in the body. 

Netz possesses a deep understanding of the fundamentals of electrochemistry. He is familiar with state-of-the-art electrochemical methods such as scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM), electrolysis, voltammetry, chronoamperometry and electrochemical impedance, to name a few. During his time as a graduate student and as a postdoctoral fellow, Netz trained several undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students in experimental electrochemistry. He is also knowledgeable on finite element methods which he employs to carry out numerical simulations of electrochemical systems. 

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