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Welcome! You may access the Netz Lab manual by clicking on the major topics listed below or by directly browsing through the LAB MANUAL tab found in the main menu. If you have any feedback or would like to suggest edits to our manual please send us a comment via the CONTACT tab.

Lab members contact information

Contact numbers for personal emergencies

Contact information of lab alumni

Are you joining the lab?

Getting Keys

Lab computer resources

Training and certifications

Resources for improving English as a second language

Lab policies

Our lab culture

Ethical considerations

Attendance and vacations

Laboratory responsibilities

Rules for common areas

Lab notebooks (usage, requirements, and sample page)

Lab personnel evaluations (for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students and other personnel)


Emergency numbers (Environmental Health & Safety, Human Resources, etc.)

Emergency procedures

Nonemergency safety procedures

Biohazard compliance regulations and lab use rules

Lab waste management

Supplies and equipment

Ordering procedures

Reagent storage and use: inventory

Equipment sign-up sheets, use, care and maintenance


Schedule of meetings

Format and expectations

Journal club discussions

Meeting attendance policy

Standard operating procedures

Institutional rules and policies

What to do when leaving the lab?