Lab policies


Our lab culture

We strive to work on problems that matter to the scientific community and to society in general, with the specific goal of improving human health and the environment. We tackle hard problems that our set of skills and experience are uniquely able to address.

We achieve our research and professional aspirations by performing work that brings incredible joy to us. So not only do we work, we also play, explore, and discover to constantly feed our creativity and inspiration.

We believe in our vision knowing that others may not at first, and we push hard to develop and share new knowledge.

We deeply care about and put effort into the craftsmanship needed to communicate our science clearly, neatly, and in language that is easily understandable by all.

In other words, we approach science with mindfulness and intellectual aggressiveness.


Ethical considerations

Attendance and vacations

Laboratory responsibilities

Rules for common areas

Lab notebooks (usage, requirements, and sample page)

Lab personnel evaluations (for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students and other personnel)