Lab News and Media Coverage

Netz Arroyo is awarded a Chemical Science Research Presentation Prize at the UC Chemical Symposium 2018.

Lake Arrowhead, CA. 03/28/2018

The American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UCSB chapter, gave Netz Arroyo this awesome souvenir.

Santa Barbara, CA. February 2018.

We made the cover of the February issue of ACS Sensors, 2018 – DOI: http://10.1021/acssensors.7b00787

Press coverage of PNAS, 2017 – DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1613458114

Aptamer-based sensors could measure drug levels in real time, C&EN [Link].

Monitoring Metabolism in Real Time, BioTechniques [Link].

Electrochemistry advances pharmacokinetics, Research Highlight in LabAnimal [Link].

Milo Wins 2nd Place in NIH/NIAAA Challenge for Best Wearable Alcohol Sensor, 2016 – Milo Sensors, Inc.

Press release from Milo Sensors, Inc., [Link].

Otis Williams Fellowship Awardee, 2015 – Santa Barbara Foundation

The UCSB Current’s Article, [Link].

Noozhawk’s Article, [Link].

Edhat’s Article, [Link].

16th Annual New Venture Competition, 2015 – UCSB

The UCSB Current’s Article, [Link].

Art of Science Competition, 2015 – UCSB

Lumenera Corporation, Image Gallery, Material Science Images [Link].

Activities – Spring 2014 ACS GSSPC at UT-Austin

Designation as Spring 2014 GSSPC – Spring 2013.[PDF]

Activities – ECS Student Chapter at UT-Austin

The Electrochemical Society Interface – Spring 2012, p. 91.[PDF]

The Electrochemical Society Interface – Summer 2012, p. 73.[PDF]

The Electrochemical Society Interface – Annual Report 2012, p. 109.[PDF]

The Electrochemical Society Interface – Spring 2013, p. 77.[PDF]

The Electrochemical Society Interface – Summer 2013, p. 82.[PDF] 

The Electrochemical Society Interface – Spring 2015, p. 72.[PDF]